Services and Solutions

Engineered to Support

Your complete virtual event experience every step of the way

Customize your event opt-in pages to convert more registrants and drive more attendees to your events through automated email and SMS follow-throughs.

  1. Brand your registration & landing pages
  2. Customize registration fields
  3. Keep registrants updated with email & SMS notifications
  4. Target form registration dropouts
  5. Retarget leads for future events

Transform your online event into a high-touch experience by maximizing our unique audience engagement tools which you and your customers can access inside our virtual webinar room.

  1. Real-time polls and Q&As
  2. Chatbox management, mentions & interactions
  3. Invite audience as guest during event
  4. Limited promo offers & giveaways pop-ups
  5. In-stream file & media sharing

Reach more customers with the same content through our built-in recording feature that lets you save and replay your events.

  1. Record Stream Instant Feature
  2. Repurpose & Download Recording
  3. Reupload & Run On-Demand Event

Get tailored analytics to understand your audiences better and analyze the impact of your event campaign.

  1. Audience Insights
  2. Engagement Insights
  3. Save Report Analytics

Connect to more audiences with our marketing activation tools and built-in multi-channel integration that lets you deliver an effective conversion funnel from increasing awareness to driving participants for a more successful virtual event.

Specialized creative tools to transform your live into a delightful experience

Control Hub for Remote Online Activation Management & Digital Content Curation 

  1. O2O Integration Lead
  2. Audio & Vision Control
  3. Technical Operations
  4. Live Stream Operations
  5. Social Media Ads Manager
  6. Remote Audience Management

Satellite studio set-up for online activation speakers, hosts, and content contributors

  1. Mobile Audio- Video Recording Studio
  2. Internet Connectivity

Full-service, remote digital content production studio

  1. Animation Services
  2. Studio Productions
  3. Video Blogs/ Vlogs
  4. Whiteboard Video Production
  5. Animated Web Demos
  1. Content Strategist
  2. Graphic Designers
  3. Copywriters
  4. Videographers
  5. Photographers
  6. Programmers
  7. Animators

    Dedicated Team that creates content at a pace that will keep our online activations and digital channels active and engaging 


Our Multifaceted Live Experience Solutions


We combine strategy and systems to score and nurture leads, creating meaningful engagements for them through funnelization and automation of digital marketing activities.


Using customized and automated emails, we enhance customer engagements through dynamic emailer pages and call-to-action buttons that intuitively prompt action from customers 


We maximize our smartphone and SMS economy by automating mobile messages and push notifications to instantly activate customers and generate response from them.


Completing our full marketing automation system and sales conversion funnel, we offer an e-commerce function to ultimately provide a platform for brands to conveniently transact with customers.


Expert remote solutions that deliver reliable support & high-quality results

We are not just an online platform, but we provide a fully integrated offline and online marketing activation & production service for your successful virtual event.