The Power of Virtual Events at Its BEST


Whether your mission is brand awareness, engagement or education, we’ve got the perfect virtual event blueprint to help you meet your objectives and generate even better results!


Engineer a seamless experience for your audiences from event registration, event interactions, polls to post-event conversations through cutting-edge tools and creative solutions.


Put your brand on centerstage.  Our tools  will allow full brand-customization of the virtual event experience.

Your Digitally Transformed Experiences

Digital Webinars, Learning Events, Symposia, CMEs, Enrichment & Wellness Seminars
Online Meetings, Town Halls, National Sales Conventions, Awards Night;
Virtual Product Launch, Exhibits, Press Conferences, Dealer & Partners’ Night;
E-Concerts, Watch Parties, Contests, Fellowship Events, Festivals, Fitness Events.

Our Complete Solution for You

Digital Studio

Allows you to shoot online events in a safe and dynamic studio environment, bringing to life the physicality of real life events

  • Studio Space in Makati & QC
  • Strong Connectivity
  • IATF Compliant 
  • State of the art equipment: lights, sounds, video
  • Professional Production Team
  • Set production and Studio Styling
  • Virtual Set

Pop-Up Studio

Allows you to capture beautiful and professional audio and video content for talents and guests in remote environments


  • Deployment of portable studio equipment to location of talents
  • Guided setup of equipment

Digital Farm

A dedicated team that creates & delivers content at a pace that will keep your online event & digital channels active and engaging 

  • Full complement creative team (artworks, animations, copy & scripting)
  • Video Production
  • Photography

Creative Hub

Your professional partners devoted to engineering a coherent comm strategy and ensuring quality creative planning for your event

  • Strategy & creative development
  • Funnel Planning
  • Media Schedule
  • Content Management



A complete slew of technology stacks that allows us to help you deliver experiences in your customers virtual world

  1. Marketing Automation
  2. Ads Management
  3. Online Video Hosting
  4. QR, SMS, & other O2O Solutions
  5. Digital Content Hub
  6. Marketing Analytics

Collaboration Workshop

Allows you to nurture high-quality and productive collaborative environments with our entire team

  • Remote Operations Monitoring (Internal & External)
  • Open communications & Instant Messaging